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Welcome to 2_13 a community for the New York Yankees Short Stop Derek Jeter and 3rd Baseman Alex Rodriguez. This is a small community for fans of both of these great athletic men to come together. You may post anything like news, pictures, results or anything to do with Derek & Alex. If your not a Yankee fan or a Jeter, Rodriguez fan, I suggest you leave right now =D. Here are a few ground rules.

1) Absolutely no Derek, Alex or Yankee bashing will be accepted
2) Please respect the other member’s opinions. Don't be a major bitch if you don't agree on something they said.
3) You don't really have to be a Yankee fan to join, but if you’re a Derek OR Alex fan feel free to join.
4) All Pictures, Huge articles and so on MUST be under LJ-CUT. How to do that this is how <*lj-cut text="Cut off here"*>ksdjfksjfdkjs <*/lj-cut*>. Just be sure to remove the *'s.
5) This is about Derek, Alex and the Yankees please don't talk about the new dog you just got named Bobby.
6) Please...please don't tYpE LyKe DiZ it hurts my eyes!
7) Have fun!

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