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001; Welcome

Welcome to 2_13 [both in LJ & GJ] I'm Karla and I'll be your mod for this community. I've had it up for a while but never got around to finish it. So join and have fun. Read the rules and don't be afraid to post questions or comments, as long as they are Derek, Alex or Yankee related =D

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With the series being tied 1-1, the Yankees were looking for a sweep. Gary Sheffield's RBI drove Derek in with the Yankees having the lead. It was a true pitches duel with both pitchers only allowing 1 run. It came to extra innings where Mo gave a run; it was all up to our boys to bring in some runs. With 2 outs and one man on 1st [or was it second?] the rookie Cano came up to bat and it seemed as the ball wasn't going to be caught by White Sox center fielder Aaron Rowand, but Rowand and his damn miracle glove caught the ball.

Final Score- Yankees-1 White Sox-2.

We are now 5.5 behind in the AL East 1st place and 4.5 in the Wild Card.

I'm not giving up on this team we've been through so much and I'm not giving up until they are out of it for this season.

Spread the word =D
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