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[11 Sep 2005|02:04pm]
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NEW YORK -- If the Yankees had any hopes of catching the Red Sox in the American League East, then Sunday's rubber match was a must-win game for the Bronx Bombers. Randy Johnson came up big when the Yankees needed him the most, as the five-time Cy Young winner held the Red Sox to one hit over seven innings, leading New York to a 1-0 win over Boston. Johnson struck out eight while walking two, as the left-hander faced just two batters over the minimum during his outing. Jason Giambi provided the only run of the game, hitting a solo homer against Tim Wakefield in the first inning.

FINAL SCORE- Yankees-1 Boston-0
We are now 3 games behind the AL East & 1 game behind on the Wild Card with 20 games left to play.

Talk about neglecting, I'm sorry for neglecting this for so long I suck. But I've dropped by to a) post icons and b) take a few requests. The icons I'm gonna post are a collection of a bunch of icons I've done over time so here they are:

Icons....Collapse )

Ok on to the request read the rules on how to request please =D
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Please don't be afraid to interact around, post questions or w/e. You can post too, not lonly me =D.

9.11 we will always remember
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Icons! [26 Aug 2005|03:48pm]

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I made 20 Derek Jeter and ARod icons, posted here. There's also
Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Dean, Tori Amos and others in my journal! :)
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003; 8.14.05 [14 Aug 2005|09:18pm]

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Not even Mother Nature could stop the Yankees. Prior to the first of two rain delays, Hideki Matsui's three-run homer in the fifth inning reclaimed the lead for New York. When the one-hour, six-minute delay ended, A-Rod hit his 35th homer -- a two-run shot in the sixth -- to put the game out of reach. click for more

FINAL SCORES: Yankees- 10 Rangers- 3

First sweep series since the All-Star Break and it feel great. Now if only flippin' Boston could have gone for one more inning we'd be at least at 4 games behind, oh well. Tomorrow starts the day of a two series road trip, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday @ Tampa Bay, Thursday off, then Friday. Saturday & Sunday @ Chicago. Wright will be pitching for us tomorrow, lets see how that goes.

Random here but has anyone gotten Derek's shoes Six4Three? I wanted to get some today but they looked too "guy-ish" for me =/ He should really make some woman’s shoes *nods* lol.

I'm gonna post some random icons maybe tomorrow that I made =D.
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002; 8.11.05 [11 Aug 2005|10:08pm]
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Derek Jeter took matters into his own hands, hitting a solo home run to answer a Texas rally in the seventh, propelling the Yankees to victory in the series opener. Scott Proctor impressed in his first Major League start, while Mariano Rivera closed out the win with a big four-out save. "We're just trying to win games," Jeter said. "It doesn't make a difference how you do it."

I didn't catch the game, damn me for living on the West. But Jeter FINALLY came through for the team with the winning homer =D

Side note Derek's "girlfriend" said on TRL that "Yes I have a Yankee boyfriend! sorry!" *rolls eyes* *cough*gogetrunover*cough* hehe.

Please tell your friends about the community, thanks.
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001; Welcome [10 Aug 2005|11:13pm]
Welcome to 2_13 [both in LJ & GJ] I'm Karla and I'll be your mod for this community. I've had it up for a while but never got around to finish it. So join and have fun. Read the rules and don't be afraid to post questions or comments, as long as they are Derek, Alex or Yankee related =D

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With the series being tied 1-1, the Yankees were looking for a sweep. Gary Sheffield's RBI drove Derek in with the Yankees having the lead. It was a true pitches duel with both pitchers only allowing 1 run. It came to extra innings where Mo gave a run; it was all up to our boys to bring in some runs. With 2 outs and one man on 1st [or was it second?] the rookie Cano came up to bat and it seemed as the ball wasn't going to be caught by White Sox center fielder Aaron Rowand, but Rowand and his damn miracle glove caught the ball.

Final Score- Yankees-1 White Sox-2.

We are now 5.5 behind in the AL East 1st place and 4.5 in the Wild Card.

I'm not giving up on this team we've been through so much and I'm not giving up until they are out of it for this season.

Spread the word =D
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